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Malaria Treatment

Malaria Protection

Malaria is one of the very dangerous tropical infactions one can get while travelling into an affected area. It is caused by a parasite, which is transmitted by mosquitos. The symptoms of this disease are mostly harmful and paralyzing. Fever, diarrhoea and general pain are the main symptoms of a Malaria infection. The time for the breakout may need only one week but the manifestation of this disease can take a very long term. But there is a possibility to prevent an infection with antibiotic medication. Some drugs are designed for fighting an infection during and after a stay in an affected area. They work cause they block and constrain the activity and the ability of reproduction of the parasite.

If you consider to travel into a tropic country you should think about a possible medication. Before travelling you should check out the kind of malaria which is present in this area because different medication is made for different kinds of parasites.