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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I be sure that the medicine provided is legitimate?
Our pharmacies are licensed by the Pharmaceutical General Council of the UK, which guarantees that medicines are original. Also, DoktorABC and the related mail order pharmacies are certified by the MHRA (Regulatory Authority for Medicines and Health Care Products in the UK). This authority is responsible for ensuring the sincerity of medical service providers, as well as their compliance with legal guidelines, in the medical industry.
How do I find the treatment and medication I require?
You can simply use the search function on the homepage to type in the name of a specific treatment. Alternatively, you can click on the relevant medical category and find an overview of treatments. DoktorABC offers the most common treatments for each condition.
Can I use the medication to treat a different condition than it is offered for?
No. The doctor prescribes each medication as part of a particular treatment, and it may not be used otherwise. The questionnaires are treatment-specific and the doctor reviews your answers with regards to the treatment of a particular medical concern.
Can I consult the doctor without placing an order?
Holders of a customer account can always contact a doctor of DoktorABC confidentially. Simply go to "Ask a doctor" in your account and type your message in the chat field.
Do you work with licensed doctors?
Yes, all physicians are certified and licensed in the EU. During your consultation, you may inquire about the name and registration number of the attending physician. With this information, you are easily able to verify the qualification and certification.
How are doctors and pharmacies being controlled?
The partners of DoktorABC are controlled on two independent levels. All doctors and pharmacies hold a license and are under the supervision of the responsible authority in each specific EU country. Additionally, both the doctors and the pharmacies we are affiliated with, are monitored by us, including their medical- and additional qualifications.
Is DoktorABC regulated and legal?
Yes. DoktorABC is legally authorized to dispense prescription medication across the UK. We are certified by the Regulatory Authority for Medicines and Health Care Products in the United Kingdom (MHRA). It is the executive agency responsible for ensuring that the medical service provider sincerely trades and complies with the medical and pharmaceutical industry regulations. All doctors at DoktorABC are recognized doctors in the EU. Affiliated mail-order pharmacies are certified by the MHRA and / or registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.
Can I be sure, service and delivery are confidential?
Yes, DoktorABC makes sure to keep all information confidential and secure. Only the doctor at DoktorABC can see your answers to the medical questionnaire and the chat content. All orders are sent in neutral packaging, so as not to disclose the content. The package does not show any DoktorABC label.


Which payment methods does DoktorABC accept?
We accept the following credit cards: Visa (Credit, Debit, and Electron) and MasterCard (Credit and Debit). You can also make a Bank Transfer Payment or use PayPal to settle the bill. If you'd rather pay cash, on delivery, that works too.
Do I need to pay extra for the prescription and/or delivery?
No. There are no hidden charges, DoktorABC offers an all-inclusive service. The cost for the prescription is included within the price, next-day delivery is free for all orders.
What will appear on my bank / credit card statement?
The transaction is labeled "Sky Marketing Limited", which is the owner of the DoktorABC platform.
I don't have a credit card, can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes, you can use bank transfer to remit payment.
Can I request a refund from the health insurance?
Prescriptions issued by DoktorABC are legally regarded as private prescriptions. Therefore a reimbursement of the costs by the health insurance is not possible.
My payment is declined. What could be the reason?
Make sure that all payment information, credit card details, etc. entered by you are correct and complete. Then check if there are sufficient funds to cover the current transaction.


How do I order treatment?
Click "Start Your Order". This brings you to a treatment-specific questionnaire, which you need to fill out. Be sure to answer truthfully, so that the doctor can make a valid assessment. Your answers are visible only to our doctors, and if there is no impediment, he will issue a prescription directly to the mail-order-pharmacy. You will be informed via e-mail about every step.
Do I need a prescription when placing an order?
A prescription is not required when using our service, because one of our registered doctors issues a private prescription to you, which we automatically forward to the pharmacy after approval.
Do I receive medication or just a prescription?
You receive the medication itself. A copy of your prescription is enclosed with the shipment of the medication.
How long does it take till I get an approval from the doctor?
During regular work hours, between 8 am and 5 pm, you will normally receive an answer within a half hour. At weekends, requests are usually processed by the doctors within 12 hours.
Do I have to provide a telephone number when placing an order?
No, all you need is a valid e-mail address, in case the doctor needs to get in touch with you. A telephone number can be helpful for the shipper.
Can I order several packages of one medicine at once?
You can only order one package for each treatment at the time. All subsequent orders for the same treatment (eg erectile dysfunction) are only possible at certain medically acceptable intervals. Treatments offered on this website are usually available in different pack sizes and for different treatment periods.
Can I order medication for another person?
Unfortunately, no. All customers must have their own account, and the questionnaire must be completed by the person who is ordering the medicine.
Is there a limit to how much I can order?
Yes, depending on the nature and severity of your symptoms, the scope of the treatment is determined individually. A doctor ultimately decides on the amount and dosage.
Can orders be made by phone?
No. The doctor can not issue a prescription without the completed online questionnaire. Only you can access your account and enter the required information. Also, our support staff may under no circumstances place an order in your name in the system.
I have an existing prescription, can I use it?
Unfortunately, we can not accept existing or external prescriptions. To place an order with us, a private prescription must be issued by one of our registered physicians, based on the information you provide.

Shipping and Delivery

How much are the shipping cost?
The shipping is always free for you. DoktorABC works with UPS Express. The shipper delivers one working day after the package has been picked up from the pharmacy.
Do I have to receive the package personally from the courier?
No, anyone present at the specified delivery address can receive the package. A signature is required upon receipt.
What does the delivered package look like?
All treatments are sent in neutral packaging. The label or package itself do not bear any information that could hint at the contents. The sender is our EU mail-order pharmacy.
Do you also deliver to post offices?
No. The packages must be accepted against a signature. The post office employees do not accept the packages.
How can I track my shipment?
As soon as your order is dispatched you receive an email with the tracking number. Enter this number into the tracking system of the relevant delivery service and follow-up every stage. You can also find the tracking number in the details of your order.
Is it possible to change the delivery address?
The delivery address you enter is automatically saved in your customer account. You can change this address at any time under "My account" and it will then apply to subsequent orders. You can also make changes to the delivery address during each order process. Should you want to change the delivery address for an existing order, please send us an e-mail stating your order number to [email protected]
Which shipping options do you offer?
Our mail order pharmacies use UPS Express for shipping to every part of the UK. You receive a tracking number with which you can track your order on the website of UPS.
How long does it take for the order to be delivered?
According to our partner company UPS, Express shipments are delivered the day after they were collected. Please keep in mind that an order must be received and approved by the doctor before 3:30pm to be sent out the same day. On weekends and holidays, no orders are picked up or delivered.
Can the billing- and shipping address be different?
Sure. Your billing and shipping addresses can be different. If you are not at home during the day, we can deliver your order to your work address, for instance.
What can I do in case my delivery does not arrive?
All packages are sent with a unique tracking number and can always be located. You receive the tracking number from us via email and under "Shipping" you will find a direct link to the forwarding service.

Cancellation, Exchange, and Return

Can I cancel my order?
As long as your order has not been shipped out from the pharmacy, you can cancel it, free of charge. Once your medication has left the pharmacy, there is no possibility to cancel.
Can the doctor reject a prescription and will I get my money back?
Yes, in rare cases the doctor may not be able to prescribe a particular treatment, due to specific health conditions or non-compatibility with other medications the applicant is taking. In such a case, the physician will recommend an alternative treatment. Should this not be possible, your payment will be refunded to you in full.
Is it possible to return the medication?
This is legally not possible. After medicine has been sold and dispatched from a pharmacy, it can not be traded anymore, as the quality of the product can no longer be guaranteed.

How to

How can I set up my user account?
All you need is an e-mail address to create an account at DoktorABC. Go to "Register" on the upper right of the home page. You can also create an account during the order process after the questionnaire and order screens. The relevant page will open automatically.
How does the reorder function work?
If you want to reorder the same treatment you ordered previously, you can do so by accessing the initial order under "My Orders". On each order, you will find the option to "Reorder same dosage" of "Reorder different dosage". Click on the relevant button.
Where do I find the tracking number for my shipment?
You receive an e-mail with the package tracking number as soon as the item is shipped. Enter this number on the website of the relevant shipping service to get the current status of your delivery. The link to the tracking pages can be found under "Shipping" on the top part of the homepage. All details of your orders, including tracking number, can also be found under "My Orders" in "My Account".
How can I contact a doctor?
Simply select "Ask a doctor" in "My Account", type in your question and click the submit icon. This message is confidential and can only be viewed by our doctors. One of our doctors will revert to you. In addition, you have the option to leave a message to the doctor at the end of the ordering process.
I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you have forgotten your password, simply click on "Forgot your password" in the login section and enter your e-mail address. We will send you an e-mail with a link to reset your password.
Where can I find the payment instructions for each order?
In "My Account" go to "My Orders" Here you will find all orders made by you. For each order, you can view the payment method you chose, by selecting "Order details".
How can I change the payment method for my order?
Select the order in question under "My Orders". In the order details of said order, click "Change payment method".
How and where can I delete my account?
If you want to delete your customer account, first log in to your account. Under "My Account" go to "Personal Details". There you are able to delete your account.

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