Travel Health

Planning and good preparation are an excellent starting point for a successful journey, no matter where you're going. For some destinations, it is a necessary requirement. However, even if you are not heading for Nepal, Cuba, India or Kenya, it is a good idea to equip yourself with preventive medicines to make sure not to ruin your fun.

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Travel Diarrhea

We'll tell you why it is always recommended to have something for diarrhea in your backpack or suitcase. Read what to do, should you catch diarrhea and which medications are recommended and when. See the Traveller's Diarrhea section.

Malaria (prophylactic)

Those travelling in tropical areas are at risk of malaria. At DoktorABC you can find out about preventive medicine, consult a doctor and order online, if appropriate. Here's what you need for Malaria treatment.

Jet Lag

If you are flying far, Jet Lag can keep you from enjoying your trip. Sleeping through the days, instead of sightseeing is not what most people plan on their travel. Find out how to deal with the time differences and get medication that will help you manage. Go to Jet Lag page.