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Complaints and Feedback

We welcome any feedback you may have. To submit your feedback, send us an e-mail to support(at)

If you would rather speak to one of our support team members directly, call us on +442031500702.

Complaints regarding the dispensing of your medicines

Please contact the Innox Trading Complaints Departement.

35 Greenhey Place
East Gillibrands, Skelmersdale
Lancashire, WN8 9SA

Phone: 01695 725 936

Complaints regarding the prescribing of your medicines

Consultations are carried out by EU registered doctors from EU-Doctor 24 SRL. ( 37806218)

Nr. 41 str Decebal
Podu Iloaiei, Iasi
707365 Romania

Phone: +40 756 475 677

Complaints if not satisfied with the information above?

If you have any complaints in regards to your order, please contact us directly (information above).
If you are still not satisfied with how your complaint has been managed you can contact our regulators below.

For escalated complaints regarding the dispensing of medicines, please contact GPhC:

General Pharmaceutical Council
25 Canada Square
London, E14 5LQ
Phone: 0203 713 8000