Medical Advisory Board

DoktorABC's Medical Advisory Board consists of medical health experts with many years of experience in clinical practice. They actively collaborate with the entire team. Our medical advisory board supports our clinical management with strategic advice, tailoring services to the needs of the patients.

A key task of our medical advisory board is to oversee the quality assurance of telemedicine services according to the guidelines, standards and medical principles. In addition, they clarify which health issues can be safely treated using telemedicine and for which issues the treating doctor should refer patients to their local doctor.

The medical team discusses our guidelines at regular intervals and adapts them to scientific, medical and legal developments.

The medical questionnaires are prepared by the doctors and pharmacists and are continuously optimised, checked and approved by the Medical Advisory board. They also review the content of the site with regard to various symptoms and treatments. They ensure that prescriptions are issued on the basis of verifiable facts and that the quality remains consistently high.

By sharing their experience and knowledge, they ensure that DoktorABC's clients receive the most professional online assessment, therapy and medical care according to their needs at a high level.