The Editorial Process at DoktorABC

At DoktorABC, we believe that everyone is entitled to authoritative and accurate medical information.

With the wealth of information on the internet today it is easy to get lost or even become misguided.

We're committed to creating medical content that offers clarity on health issues and medical treatments. Our content allows people to find real information and so make more informed decisions about their health.

Our content principles

We strive for clarity! The content created by DoktorABC's editorial team:

  • provides accurate medical information
  • is comprehensive and easily accessible
  • helps users make better informed decisions


The content on DoktorABC has been created with a "patient first" approach. That's why all of our content is accurate, honest and easy to understand. The accuracy of our content has always been our top priority.

All of the content published on DoktorABC is written or reviewed by doctors and pharmacists, alongside our team of medical writers and content managers.

What we consider when creating our content:

  • Clinical guidelines (outlined by organisations like NICE and the RCP)
  • Medical Insight 
  • Factual studies

Each page on our website shows:

  • The bio of the doctor who wrote or fact-checked the page
  • The date when the content was last updated or reviewed
  • The sources used to research the content

Our content team is informed as soon as there are any changes to clinical guidelines on a medication or condition. They will update the content accordingly and have it approved by an authorised doctor.

We appreciate your feedback on our content. If you come across any information on our site that is unclear or that you feel is inaccurate please let us know by contacting us at


Knowledge is power and at DoktorABC we are committed to making our content accessible to anyone who seeks it.

We have established an ongoing review process incorporating user feedback and online testing to ensure that the content is optimised to the needs of our audience.

Our writers are trained to write content in a way that is clear and easy to digest. We make sure to elaborate on complex medical information so that it is clear to every member of our audience.

All the content provided by DoktorABC complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure that it is accessible to everyone across all devices.

Help users make more informed decisions

One of our goals is to offer our patients the information they need to take action to improve their wellbeing. Whether it's through the DoktorABC platform or with their personal doctor.

Within the content when appropriate, we will recommend the relevant online healthcare service on the DoktorABC platform. Where we currently do not offer a solution or service, we direct patients to other suitable options, like local clinics/doctors.

Our content production process

  • Understanding the patients needs with the aid of questionnaires, our medical team's insight, analysis of online search trends and FAQs.
  • The doctor or pharmacist provides a briefing on clinical guidelines/product information.
  • Content creation by doctors, pharmacists or medical writers using factual studies and up to date resources.
  • The content is edited by one of our content managers for accessibility, style, spelling, grammar and tone.
  • The professional review is conducted by a doctor or pharmacist.
  • Online testing for compatibility and accessibility.
  • The next review date is agreed and then published.