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Data Sharing Policy

At Doktorabc we are committed to the utmost standards of data protection and privacy. The only time we share your information is when it is absolutely necessary to fulfil the request you have made on our website, and to ensure you are provided the best service and care.

Sky Marketing Ltd act as the “data controller” for the purposes of any transaction on our website, we trade as Doktorabc in the UK.


Why do they need it?

What data is processed?

Sky Marketing Ltd. Staff

To forward relevant requests to prescribing doctors, dispensing pharmacy, and to deal with all other requests for information.

Full data access.

The Dispensing Pharmacy (EU Healthcare Ltd)

Fulfilling patient orders. The pharmacy is UK-based and GPhC registered.

Name, address, gender, date of birth (DOB), telephone, email address, prescription details.

The Prescribing Doctors (EU Doctor 24 SRL):

Carrying out consultations and if appropriate, prescribing medicines and sending prescriptions to the pharmacy. The doctor may contact you for further information when required.

Name, address, gender, date of birth (DOB), telephone, email address, prescription and consultation details.

Delivery companies
- Royal Mail and DPD Local

To allow delivery of your parcel, and to update you on the progress through the delivery network via alerts.

Title/gender, name, address, telephone.

Doctor's surgeries

As requested by patients or required by Sky Marketin Ltd. prescribing protocols and with patient's consent.

Title/gender, name, address, telephone, DOB, prescription details.


Website hosting service.

Full data access

Axcess Payment Services Ltd.

Service used to process customer payments.

Title/gender, name, email address, payment card details including payment card address.


The service that sends the Med Connections mass 'e-newsletters', if patients consent to receive, plus drug safety and important service update emails.

Email address, gender, country


The analytical data from Google is used to improve customer journey and gain statistic on user issues.

Google analytics may include type and version of device, operating system, we browser, location, referring web page, gender and age range of visitor, search term used, IP address and network, record of purchase.

Text Marketer

To send marketing information or medical safety information, only if a person opts “in”.

Telephone number


One of the UK’s leading review collection service

Email address, order number, review text submitted.


When requested for audit/inspection purposes.

Full data access.


Personal data requests in line with

As requested.

If a customer sends an e-mail to Sky Marketing Ltd. requesting or containing personal data, they consent to having that data transmitted via a reply to the same e-mail address, unless specifically advised to transmit the information by another method, in line with agreeing to this data sharing policy. We advise customers that e-mail is not a secure method of transfer for any sensitive or personal information.

For any queries relating to your personal data on our site please e-mail