Women's Health

Under women's health you will find an overview of topics concerning the female body and relevant treatments. Which contraceptives are available, and what is right for you? How to treat facial hair, and how are the symptoms of vaginal inflammation and Cystitis different? Find answers to your questions, get a prescription online and start treatment.

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The pill is still the most common and safest contraceptive method. Read here, why this is the case and what contraceptive alternatives are offered on the market. With the service of DoktorABC you can receive a follow-up prescription and have your pill delivered to your home quickly. Consult with our doctor if you want to change. See the full selection of contraceptive pills.

Morning After Pill

Everything you always wanted to know about this type of pill. Under which circumstances is it effective and who can take it? Find the answers to your questions or consult one of our doctors. You can also receive a prescription and the Morning After Pill via the DoktorABC Service.

Facial Hair Removal

The causes of facial hair in women are mostly hormonal. In medical terms, excessive facial hair is called hirsutism. On the DoktorABC website, you will find detailed information and can order treatment through our service. Learn how to manage unwanted facial hair and consult a doctor about facial hair removal.

Vaginal Infections

Bacterial vaginosis is fairly common, especially in younger women. Find out about the different vaginal infections and possible treatments. Our doctors can assist and recommend the appropriate treatment after a discreet online consultation. Click here to learn more about vaginal infections and treatments.


Cystitis - also known as a UTI (urinary tract infection) is a painful and annoying condition which is surprisingly easy to treat. At DoktorABC you will find out how to prevent the infection and learn to recognize symptoms. See what medications our doctors can prescribe. Read more about Cystitis here.

Period Delay

There can be plenty of reasons a woman might want to delay her period. But is it recommended, and how will it affect the menstrual cycle in the long run? Find out everything you need to know before you request a prescription and the related medication for period delay via DoktorABC.