Men's Health

It’s known that men are mostly concerned with health issues that challenge their masculinity. In the Men's Health category, we provide you with info about ED, also known as erectile dysfunction or impotence. In addition, we dive into men’s health issues like premature ejaculation and hair loss. With DoktorABC you can get the treatment that’s right for you online.

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ED - Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is much more common than you might think. If the erection is too weak or does not last long enough to engage in sexual intercourse, it is considered erectile dysfunction. DoktorABC’s online service informs you about the causes and symptoms. It also allows you to get treatment with well-known ED medications based on an online consultation and prescription. Lean more about erectile dysfunction and treatments.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation - in medical terms also ejaculatio praecox - means an early orgasm, which can lead to a lot of sexual frustration. Don’t be discouraged, in the adjacent pages we will dig down into the causes of premature ejaculation, offer tips and treatments that will help get the situation under control. Use our service to get discreet medical advice. Here's more about premature ejaculation and treatment options available for you.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a devastating experience for men. It has an impact on ones ego and self confidence. Fortunately, there are many treatments available today. Find out which type of hair loss in men can be treated and how. Use the online service at DoktorABC to consult a doctor, receive a prescription and appropriate medication. Learn more about hair loss and treatments.