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Zelleta is a birth control mini pill that contains desogestrel (a synthetic version of the hormone progestogen ). It is an estrogen-free oral contraceptive that can be up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and is suitable for most women over the age of 18. Zelleta is especially recommended for women approaching menopause, and may also be used by heavy smokers over the age of 35. The possible side effects of Zelleta are generally light.

You can renew your Zelleta prescription online now. Simply fill out a brief medical questionnaire. Our GP will review your health profile to check whether Zelleta is safe for you to use. If your prescription is approved our pharmacy will immediately process your order. Checkout price includes prescription, contraceptive pills and next day delivery by UPS courier.

Product information

What is Zelleta?

Zelleta contraceptive pills contain a low 75mcg dosage of synthetic hormone desogestrel. They are taken every day without a break. Because they are mini pills, the potential side effects are comparatively light. Significantly, the risk of thrombosis is less than with combined pills that contain both estrogen and progestogen type hormones. 

Zeletta is recommended for women who cannot use estrogen, who wish to start using oral contraception shortly after childbirth, or who are currently breastfeeding. 

If you are approaching menopause (age 45 plus) or are over 35 and smoke heavily, the doctor may recommend Zelleta. 

How to take Zelleta

Zelleta is a progestin based mini pill that is taken daily with no breaks between tablets.  Zelleta is supplied in strips of 28 pills, the reverse of each pill capsule is labelled with a day of the week. Take each pill on its appropriate day at a set time e.g. in the morning when you brush your teeth. When you complete a strip of 28 pills, begin another strip the next day.


  • You may experience occasional or irregular vaginal bleeding when you use Zelleta. This can range from faint traces of blood to a heavier flow that requires a tampon. If you experience any bleeding you should continue to take your daily pills as normal. If you have heavy or sustained bleeding consult a doctor.
  • You must take the pill daily, starting on the first day of your menstrual cycle for effective protection against pregnancy.

Who can use Zelleta?

The majority of healthy adult women can use Zelleta throughout the fertile period of their lives - typically up to the age of 45 or beyond. Zelleta uses a single hormone desogestrel in a small 75 mcg dose. If you suffer from sickle cell disease, or are worried about thrombosis, you may be prescribed Zelleta. 

Breastfeeding mothers can use mini pills like Zelleta without risk of their breast milk being contaminated. You can also begin using Zelleta shortly after giving birth if you want to resume having sex. 

DoktorABC’s online GP will review your medical questionnaire as soon as you have completed it. If Zelleta is suitable for your personal health needs you’ll receive your pills by next day delivery.

Please read the Side Effects section for full information about whether Zelleta is suitable for you. 

What is the dosage of Zelleta?

Zelleta contains a 75mcg dosage of desogestrel, a synthetic hormone that mimics the natural hormone progestogen. Zelleta is entirely estrogen free. Traditional combined pills - known simply as “the pill” - contain both estrogen and progestogen hormones. Zelleta has fewer and milder potential side effects and is safe for women who cannot take estrogen. 

Because your body processes the relatively light dosage of desogestrel quickly, Zelleta is a daily tablet, with no break between packets. Similar mini pills that contain 75mcg of desogestrel include Feanolla, Cerelle and Cerazette. 

What if I forget to take my Zelleta Pill?

If you forgot to take your daily Zelleta pill at the usual time (and less than 12 hours have passed) simply take that day’s pill as soon as you remember. 

If more than 12 hours have passed since you were supposed to take your pill you may be at risk of pregnancy. Read the manufacturer’s pamphlet for specific instructions. The pamphlet comes with your medication.

What are the side effects of Zelleta?

Can I smoke if I am using oral contraceptives?

Smoking is generally not recommended while taking Zelleta, because it increases the risk of serious side effects. This is specifically true for women over 35 years old who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day. Possible serious side effects may include strokes and blood clots.

Zelleta is generally regarded as causing few unwelcome side effects. The low 75mcg dose of the synthetic hormone desogestrel is easily handled by 9 out of 10 women. 

Nonetheless, you should be aware of possible adverse reactions before you begin your treatment. 

Possible common side effects

Statistically you are unlikely to experience any adverse effects when using Zelleta, but some common side effects may occur in around 10% of users.

  • mood swings or low moods
  • decreased libido
  • headache 
  • nausea
  • acne or spots
  • breast pain
  • irregular or no periods
  • weight gain.

Possible adverse reactions


Your prescription will come with a patient leaflet giving detailed information about the medication, its ingredients, possible side effects, and contraindications. Please read this leaflet carefully before you begin taking your tablets.

Approximately 0.1% of women may experience serious adverse reactions to Zelleta. These may include:

  •  Skin Conditions (rash, hives, or painful lumps)
  •  Breast secretions or leakage

If you experience serious discomfort, we recommend that you go straight to your nearest casualty department. In an emergency dial 999.

When not to take Zelleta 

Do not take Zelleta if you:

  • Are allergic to desogestrel
  • Suffer from a thrombosis
  • Have jaundice or cirrhosis of the liver
  • Have unexplained vaginal bleeding

A small number of medications or severe illnesses may prevent you from using Zelleta safely. When you complete your confidential medical questionnaire please mention all relevant health issues. Our GP will quickly ensure that Zelleta is the right birth control pill for you. Your order will then be prepared for free next day delivery by UPS courier.

If you have any questions about birth control pills, contraceptive rings, or contraceptive patches you can login to your DoktorABC account and begin a free confidential chat with an online GP. 

Leaflet info
The Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) is the leaflet included in the pack with a medicine. It is written for patients and gives information about taking or using a medicine. It is possible that the leaflet in your medicine pack may differ from the PDF-version from this website because it may have been updated since your medicine was packaged or the medicine is from another brand.

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